Monday, 27 June 2011

Food Truck Eats Festival Pt. One @ Distillery District - Canada Day Weekend!

Oh boy this IS going to be GOOD EATS!
For more information please check out twitter #FOODTRUCKEATS or

Credit for poster design is my friend catherine mangosing follow her on twitter@myturtleneckart


  1. That's an awful long way from Florida but I'll be there in heart and bringing a stomach. Hope it's tres tres fun

  2. I think this is going to be great fun. First time ever! Since "Food Trucks" seem to be all the rage now, from California to Toronto to New York. This should become quite the foodie "Hot Spot" I am sure that you will be here in heart and spirit. I will be out with my Wife and Maddox our Dog. Walking around and sampling food and taking in all the sights. Will post photos. This is one event that I wish we could have invented scratch and smell I have been told the food that's being prep'd is going to be tasty!