Monday, 6 June 2011

Foodies Flock to the Market!

St. Lawrence Market – One of my favourite places in the world!
On any given day, rain or shine, one of Toronto’s favourite food market opens its doors early in the morning to those hungry for fresh produce and tasty treats. Why do I visit? I love strolling the laneways, visiting the specialty vendors to see what unique and delicious ingredients are being offered to the thousands of people that visit the St. Lawrence Market each and every day except Sunday and Monday when they are closed.
A bit of what's local around the market in the heart of the city of Toronto!
If you like food, you have to visit the market…it’s filled with great seafood, meat, cheese and beautiful vegetables. Specialty stores fill every nook and corner of this vast and historic building that once was Toronto’s first city hall, police station No.1, a city council office and Toronto’s first food market. Today, the building is home to an art gallery, culinary classrooms, but it is mostly dedicated to the food purveyors that sell some of the most beautiful fruit, vegetables seafood and meats that you can find anywhere. The range of food items far exceeds anything you’ll find in your local grocery store. Some of food sold at the St. Lawrence Market borders on the exotic and luxurious. One of Toronto’s only caviar boutique and truffle houses makes its home here. Ostrich, bison, kangaroo, boar and monstrous scallops are but a few of the foodie porn treats that you can pick up here. It is not unusual to find yourself in the company of local chefs who often visit the market to pick up fresh ingredients for their menu. 
The North Building - Local Growers, Butchers Selling their goods
 The market is housed in two buildings: North and South. The north building is opened on Saturday and features smaller local farmers and their produce. It’s a great place to pick up locally grown vegetables. The south building is the main building and is opened throughout the week. The majority of the larger purveyors of meat and vegetables are located here and compete against each other for your business.
The South Building - Buzzing with patrons shopping. Good eats and great food!
The market is not only a good for picking up great food to take home, you’ll also find delicious meals to enjoy while you shop the market. Every time I visit, I have to visit the legendary Carousel Bakery for a peameal bacon sandwich. So simple, yet so delicious! Carousel Bakery piles on the Canadian peamla bacon on a fresh Kaiser bun topped as you choose. Sauces range from nasal clearing horseradish to honey mustard and everything in between. For me, I love the hot horseradish and a bit of honey mustard to balance the flavours. Business is brisk all the time and seating space is limited. I must have at least one, yeah I said at least ONE. This sandwich is so popular that people from all over come to experience this local specialty. Celebrity photos and letters of appreciation are posted on the wall. Chef Emeril, Dan Aykroyd and Catherine Zeta Jones are just a few celebrities that have come to visit and sang its praises.
The famous PEAMEAL BACON sandwich on a fresh country bun! I love love love it! I know you will too!
If you are ever in Toronto, ON and you are a devoted foodie like me, you must visit St. Lawrence Market.  There is something for everyone who loves food. Located in central downtown Toronto, there are many other attractions nearby. The St. Lawrence Market is just one place that makes me love Toronto for its food culture.
St. Lawrence Market
Building North and South
92- 95 Front Street East
Toronto, ON M5E 1C3
(416) 392-7120

I love the are some more photos!
You can get the best quality meat, locally sourced even the Kangaroo.

Cheese, cheese and more cheese! Everything from the standards to local small producers! Love it!
Cooking demonstrations and yes sample tastings!
Small locally produced goodies, I love this horseradish mustard! Goes great with sausage on a bun!

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  1. I could so live there! Look at how cute those green containers for the brussels sprouts are! Lovely pictures :-)

  2. Whoa.. what a fantastic market !! You are very lucky to be close to that!

  3. Hello Sneh! The St. Lawrence Market is one of my favourite places to spend a morning on a spring/summer weekend. I love the smells, colours and the vibe of the place. Being that I only live about 15 minutes away and parking is so cheap! It costs about $2.00 for a mornings shop and a bite to is easily a place that I could live at as well! The containers are made of paper, used as a measurement for all sorts of goodies! Keep in touch and thanks for visiting!

  4. Allo Maureen! Thanks for your comment! I really appreciate you visiting to our new site! When I was training to be a Chef I was heavily influenced by the culinary scene in Australia, I would read, drool and absorb all things culinary from Australia. I still have all my Australian Gourmet Traveler magazines and refer back to them often. I don't know what part of the country you live in but I believe most people live closer to the coast.
    I love the fusion of Asian elements with traditional French cooking which is quite popular in Australia.
    It has been my experience in my travels that markets vary widely country to country but, I am sure that you have wonderful markets for food as well! Maybe you could tell me about one of them?
    Yes, I am lucky that I live so close to St. Lawrence Market but I do love visit other markets around the world as well. Keep in touch and thanks again!