Monday, 28 May 2012

EL TROMPO - A Kensington Market Gem!

Tacos, tacos and even more tacos. The phenomenon of food trucks and remarkable little establishments such as El Trompo have revitalized Toronto's taste buds for this simple yet delicious street food. I visited this little hole in the wall based upon the recommendation of Suresh Doss of Spotlight Toronto and Food Truck Eats fame. I will forever be in his debt for sharing this little place with me. The service was snappy in a good way. The food was awesome and re-ignited my interest and love of Mexican food that I had only not too recently lost.

Let me explain. In my travels, I have been to LA and I have even vacationed in Mexico and to be honest was not impressed with the flavours or lack thereof in the food. LA street markets and even haute cuisine restaurants all seemed to fall flat. Leaving my taste buds unimpressed. Now after visiting, El Trompo will forever be my first pick to satisfy my Mexican food cravings. I am reborn and truly excited with the food that they are creating. Take a look at these photos and I challenge you to disagree! El Trompo rocks...that is all. The best Mexican Taquitos in Toronto hands down.

Al Pastor

The Al Pastor is their specialty, it is a Mexican city inspired style taco. Pork and meat marinated in the traditional sauce. Served on a corn tortilla, coriander, onion and pineapple. Sweet, savory and spicy and very good eats!
Salsa and Nachos

Chorizo Tacos
They use their home made Mexican sausage to stuff these corn tortillas. Served with coriander, onion and lime. These went down very well! With either of the above choices you could not go wrong.

Churros! Only available on Saturday and Sunday
I was truly impressed with the great flavours of the food that they are cooking at El Trompo. The staff was brilliant and very friendly. They were all very proud of the food they produced.  I loved it.  If I had to make a suggestion. Go for the Tacos, they are stellar. The Guacamole was nice but a little out of line on price. The Salsa and Nachos were ordinary. I would grab another plate of tacos rather than going for an appetizer. That's my feeling anyways. Also, a note this place is almost always busy and sometimes you may have to wait. Patience...this place is worth it.

El Trompo
277 Augusta Avenue,
Toronto, ON
M5T 2M1


  1. Hi, Nicholas! I found your blog through the Fiesta Farm Apron Strings contest :) I am a food blogger/photog from Toronto also, and I just wanted to let you know that I'm glad to have found your blog! I'll be catching up with your previous posts, for sure! And yes, I love El Trompo!!! My work is steps from Kensington and I frequent this place whenever I'm hit with a craving!

  2. Hello Jen, you are lucky to be so close to my fave spot for tacos! Did you enter the Apron Strings contest? I would love to read your story if you did! I will check out your blog over the weekend. I am sure that you have some great content!
    Take care and thanks for the feedback!