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Their mission statement is simple and yet ambitious…

We are committed to creating authentic, natural and exceptional wines from the rolling acres of our estate vineyards in Niagara.

While attending the launch event for Louise Prete Fine Foods – Tomato Sauce launch I had the pleasure of enjoying some lovely wine. The 13TH Street Winery located in St. Catherines has been producing small batch quality wines with great success and has been adored by many and featured in prominent industry publications.

Their winemaking philosophy is quite straightforward and has been embraced by great wineries for centuries. To put it simply, “great wines come from the best grapes grown in the best vineyards and winemaking techniques are simply utilized to capture the essence of the grapes provenance and character.”  What that means is that they do not exclusively rely on their own grown grapes but seek out the very best that the Niagara region has to offer from various farmers, thus ensuring a consistent, high quality grape all the time. They go a step further by hand picking and sorting 100% of their grapes before the production cycle begins. Quality right from the very start!

If you are ever in the Niagara-on-the-lake region a visit to the winery estate is a must.  The 13th Street Winery is located in a beautiful turn-of-the-century farmhouse has been fully converted to offer visitors a larger contemporary tasting and retail area, access to a private meeting room and a beautiful outdoor wrap-around deck where visitors are able to enjoy 13th Street wines by the glass with a plate of artisanal cheeses from Canada and Europe and locally crafted artisan charcuterie during the summer months. Throughout the year 13th Street Winery also hosts seasonal wine and food events utilizing many of the fresh, local fruits and vegetables as they become available from Whitty Farms and other excellent vendors combined with the extraordinary talents of some of the region’s top chefs.

Please visit their website to learn more about the individual varieties that are available.

13TH Street Winery Videos

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 Our Winemaker Jean Pierre Colas

Contact Details:

Thirteenth Street Winery
1776 Fourth Avenue,
St. Catherines, ON
L2R 6P9

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