Friday, 1 June 2012

Foodie Adventure Diaries Installment #1

What a great lunch!
Guest Post written by Joanna Sable

Today I went to The Centre Street Deli with my friend Nicholas Wong. Although I think most Jews believe we are half Italian and half Chinese my friend had never experienced "his chosen people"! We were lucky, late maybe more like it, thankfully we actually didn't have to wait...1st miracle! We were greeted and whisked to a seat. Nana was our server and serve she did! I told her I had a newbie on my hands and was ready to indoctrinate him.
Chopped Liver with Shmaltz and Fried Onions! Very rich but so good!
For those of you who don't know Jewish food, it is a very hardy cuisine. It goes down easy and gets you in the end, every time! I ordered...for 2 people...ready for this?? One order of Kishka, intestines stuffed with bread and smothered in gravy that is slightly spiced. Nana split it in half...honestly, it looks as though she gave us each an order! It came with a side of incredibly fresh rye to sop up the gravy and to smother the next dish which was the Chopped liver with shmaltz and fried onions. 
The Fantastically Rich and Tender. The Old Fashioned - hands down one of the best I've ever had!
For the non-initiated, this is a really livery pate with onions fried in chicken fat. Up next came my go to favourite, eggs n'onions!  Buttery, luscious eggs with more schmaltzy onions. Yes, there were a side of fries that Nick instinctively proceeded to dip into the aforementioned kishka gravy. Last of the savouries was a fatty, yes fatty Old fashioned, hand sliced perfect deli sandwich. If you are eating deli go fatty or eat tuna! All this was washed down with Vernor's gingerale and a Cott's Black Cherry soda.
Cotts Black Cherry Soda - I have a new fave and its name is Black Cherry!
Yes, of course we ate dessert. My pants are now unbuttoned but I held on. Hot blintzes with the works. Sour cream, cherry and blueberry goo. Copious amounts of red rose tea and coffee helped wash this all down.
Blintz with the works! These were like crepes taken to another level. YUM!
Now, I haven't mentioned Cheryl, The 'Queen of Centre Street' came by to chat with us and tell us her adventures in eating. She was delightful. Between all this Nana and Cheryl both continued to yell at Nick to "eat, your food is getting cold!".
As we left Nick finally uttered the words I wanted to hear. "Oh my G-d, Oh my G-d." Yes the food had reformed in his belly!

If the food we had for lunch was enough. Cheryl and Nana gave us both some treats for the drive home! Thank You!
My thoughts on my initiation into Jewish Deli Culture:

What an experience! I could not imagine a more enjoyable and appropriate introduction into the food of my "chosen" people. It was utterly simplistic yet so very good. The experience was awesome. I have to give shout out to Joanna Sable for ordering just the perfect mix of food. I will most certainly go back! The service was so friendly, the patrons are a hoot and Cheryl, the owner is a total foodie and she understands goodeats! I have not experienced such a great deli sandwich,EVER!. The Old Fashioned has to rank as one of my fave sandwiches of all time! The chopped liver was so very addictive. I know I'll be craving it for a long time! Actually, come to think about it...I'm craving one now. (it's been a few days since my awesome experience)

Thanks to the Centre Street Deli and Joanna for an awesome experience!

The Centre Street Deli
1136 Centre Street,
Vaughan, ON 
L4J 3M8

A little bit about Joanna and Bumpercrop:

Joanna Sable is one of the owners of Bumpercrop along with her partner Lisa Taerk, they are a small artisanal co-operative, located in Toronto.  It's philosophy of “Local First, Best Always” is at the very heart of its core philosophy. Bumpercrop products are sourced from local Ontario fruit and vegetable farmers whom they forge strong relationships with and only use what is in season, harvested at its prime and treated with care. Bumpercrop’s philosophy revolves around using only the best seasonal Ontario fruits and vegetables, and enhancing them with the simplest and time-honoured method of canning. Bumpercrop is old fashioned canning with a twist! Production is done in small batches, to yield only the highest quality products. We love what we do and want to share our passion with our customers. For more information please visit Bumpercrop

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