Tuesday, 5 July 2011

One Pot Wonders Equal Comfort Food for the Soul

Kale, Cabbage, Beer and Smoked Sausage One Pot Meal

Olive Oil
Bay Leaf
Garlic Cloves (3)
Bunch of fresh Kale (wash and de-rib)
Green Cabbage 1/2 (wash and cut into uniform chunks - about an inch wide)
Bottle of your favourite Beer, Stout, Bitter or Lager
Chicken Stock (1 cup)
Heavy Cream (1/2 cup)
Smoked Pork Sausage 
Dijon Mustard (1 tbsp)
Kosher Salt
Black Pepper
Heavy pot – preferably Le Creuset for even heat distribution and supreme cooking
Dijon Mustard

Wash and de-rib the kale, drain

Wash and cut the cabbage in to uniform chunks about an inch wide, drain

Place Le Creuset on the range on high heat

Once things get going things are going to get done in pretty quick order…get ready!

Add olive oil, bay leaf and garlic cloves to the pot. Note do not burn the garlic

Add Kale – stir, let it sweat for a few minutes, kale takes quite a while to soften.  Make note to ensure that Kale does not burn!

Reduce heat to Med-High on a gas range – if you have electric…manage your heat so that the bottom does not burn!

Add Cabbage – stir, let it sweat as well for a few minutes, like Kale cabbage is a harder vegetable, takes longer to soften but is ideal for stews and casseroles

Now time for the beer – this adds flavour, steam, complexity to the end result.  The alcohol will cook out. Reduce. To reduce means that the water evaporates from the liquid  you added, intensifying the flavour. Make sure that it boils.

Add chicken stock. Reduce as well. IF you don’t have chicken stock…lord knows why not…just add a dry white wine.  Make sure that if you wouldn’t drink it…why would you cook with it?

Add heavy cream. Reduce and simmer.

Now for the Smoked Sausage. Place on top. Cover the Le Creuset.

Leave it alone now on a Med-Low Heat and let the sausage cook up and the juices flow over the vegetable mixture. Stirring occasionally.

Add Dijon Mustard at the end just before you are going to serve. Just a tablespoon or so…it is to taste.

Seasoning is important! I always season as I go and so should you.  


Recipe created by baguettes and butterscotch and heavy influences from mentor and friend Master Chef Robert Orsi


  1. I am a huge fan of 1-potters. I love the flavors here....beer and Dijon...interestingly mouthwatering!

    (Chris - MeleCotte.com)

  2. Wow, that looks so delicious! I am looking for some yummy comfort for these cold winter days and this looks perfect. Thanks!

    Best wishes,

  3. Dear Chris! Thanks very much for the comment! I totally love 1-potters. I will publish more soon! I have always been one to cook from memory or on the fly. It's been a challenge to write them down, so it takes time and effort. I really hope that you try the recipe out! Give me your feedback and possibly what you did to make this dish your own!
    Take care and thanks so much!

  4. Hello Natasha in Oz!
    Thanks for your wonderful comment! Love to see that my blog gets read on the other side of the world! I am heading to Malaysia today for a foodie adventure! I am pretty excited. It's funny, but as soon as I read your comment, I thought Winter...oh yeah, Australia is opposite in seasons to us here in Canada. Well, I hope that your Winter is going well and not too cold for you. Keep well and thanks again for reading!