Tuesday, 2 October 2012


I know it's fall now but I like so many other Torontonian's I refuse to let go of the Summer until the very last moment. Heck, even in the Winter I still think it's BBQ Season, looking for a few hints on how to make the perfect grilled anything? Well, you have found a pretty great place to learn how. Over the next few post I'll be going over some basics to help you through some BBQ basics to keep all year round!

Today, we will begin with grilled vegetables. Simple, easy and quick.

Adding grilled vegetables to your repertoire on the BBQ is simple and a great way to add variety to your diet. Salads are lovely and should be part of any BBQ but I think that grilled vegetables are a great addition not to be overlooked.

When you are planning to head out to your local grocer or farmer's market keep grilled veg in mind. I would suggest the following on the grill anytime:  asparagus, eggplant, mushrooms, peppers and a many more. Once you have them back at home and are ready to cook. Treat them like you would any great piece of meat. Marinating them will boost their flavour, make it easier for you to cook and will make any dinner guest or family member drool with anticipation.

Simple Marinade for Grilled Veg

Olive Oil
Minced Garlic
Thyme - Fresh or Dried
Balsamic Vinegar
Worcester Sauce
Cracked Black Pepper
Kosher Salt

Eggplant and Mushrooms are like sponges they absorb olive oils and other flavouring very readily. Make sure to use enough so that they cook easily.
Use Zip-Lock Bags for marinating purposes.
Cut the vegetables in to pieces that will help in aiding you to cook them uniformly.
Do not mix vegetables with meat in the same marinade - this could lead to food borne illness.


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