Monday, 28 May 2012


When I started this blog I had someone give me gentle nudges to start this adventure. She knew that I loved food and photography equally. Which is to say that I LOVED BOTH a lot! She also thought that I could be a great source to speak and share food stories passionately and with a credibility that can only come from having been in the industry for years and knowing it inside and out. She was right. She did know me and I am forever going to be grateful for those nudges into this. 

Months have come and gone by so quickly since I last posted. What can I say about this time in my life and absence from my labour of love,  is that so much has changed. Many times I have attempted to do a post yet, it has been so challenging to even look at my blog let alone sit and write a post. All I can say is that I am looking forwards to new beginnings and new experiences. I have had my heart crushed, my life turned upside down and have been put through the emotional meat grinder that is simply called life.

I had promised that I would write from the heart, be open and honest to whomever came across my blog. I feel that I owe it to the people who have ventured out of their way to look here. But this will be the only post that I will ever dedicate to my past love that was my wife, Michelle. Unfortunately, we weren't meant to grow old together. It came to me as a huge surprise. She came up to me one day, ironically after doing a successful catering event and told me of her decision to leave and seek out a new life without me. It hurt, still hurts and I am certain will hurt for some time. At many times, I had inspiration to write but, I would not even be able to come and visit my own page, her photos are plastered all over the blog and it hurt too much to see them. She was my muse.

It's been months if you are keeping track, October 2011 since I last posted. For those who have enjoyed and looked forwards to my food posts. I'm sorry that I have left this cold turkey. Over the months, I have gotten stronger and have been able to face the reality of moving onwards and upwards. I thank my friends and family for all their support be it in real life or out in the social media universe.

That's all I want to say about this. I am ready to move forwards and share my explorations into what I consider great food and my passions as it relates to my life. Travel, Motorbikes, fishing, camping, good friends and awesome adventures. See you all out there!


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